Friday, 23 February 2007

Developing a recordshelf application with the Zend Framework

Yesterday the Zend Framework Preview 0.8.0 was released, so I finally set it up on my box and made my first steps. Besides there was a lot of disquietness this week regarding new PHP frameworks like Stubbles and their need for the php community, I have to stress that I like the Annotation feature of Stubbles and hope this language feature will find its way into the core of php.

The following image provides an coarse overview of the main Zend Framework components to get a grip on.

Zend Framework Map

I decided to use Zend Framework because it looks very promising and until now it's a joy to use it(already implemented the basic custom MVC application). Primary to gain a solid knowledge of it I started to develop a recordshelf application, inspired by Ken Pugh's "Prefactoring" DVD store example, which might enable me to keep an overview of my Drum and Bass records, generate printable playlists and store fresh upcoming tunes for tracking. I will use this blog to comment the pitfalls, tools used/build and insights gained and finally provide the application as an living guide.

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