Friday, 23 January 2009

Installing Zend_Tool on Mac OS X

Yesterday I decided to tiptoe into the development of custom Zend_Tool Providers as the introductional article series by Ralph Schindler motivated me to learn more about it and I already have some useful use cases on my mind. Therefor I prior had to install the Zend_Tool component and it's driving CLI scripts on my MacBook. The following brief instruction describes a possible approach that got me running in no time on a Mac OS X system. Once the Zend Framework has an official PEAR channel most of the forthcoming steps should be obsolete and entirely performed by the PEAR package installer command.

Fetching and installing the Zend_Tool component

First I tried to install the 1.8.0(devel) version of the Zend Framework via the PEAR channel but it currently only delivers the 1.7.3PL1(stable) package; even after switching the stability state of the PEAR config. To dodge the include_path setting hassle and for a further use when customizing other tools like Phing tasks I decided to keep the installed package.
sudo pear channel-discover
sudo pear install zfcampus/zf-devel
The next commands are showing the footwork I had to do to get the Zend_Tool component into the PEAR Zend Framework package installed in /opt/local/lib/php/Zend.
sudo svn co $HOME/Cos/Zend/Tool
sudo rsync -r --exclude=.svn $HOME/Cos/Zend/Tool /opt/local/lib/php/Zend

Putting the Zend_Tool CLI scripts to work

The next steps were to fetch the CLI scripts from the public Subversion repository and to link them into the system path /opt/local/bin as shown in the next commands.
sudo svn co $HOME/Cos/Zend/bin
sudo ln $HOME/Cos/Zend/bin/ /opt/local/bin/zf
sudo ln $HOME/Cos/Zend/bin/zf.php /opt/local/bin/zf.php

Checking the installation

With everything hopefully in place it was time to verify the success of the installation via the below stated provider action call; and as I got the version of the installed Zend Framework as a response of the executed action/command I'm good to go.
zf show version

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